Washing area 806 mm wide, mineral marble washbasin, colour: White high gloss, Mirror cabinet


Washing area 1106 mm wide, mineral marble washbasin, Colour: Anthracite high gloss, Mirror cabinet


Washing area 1406 mm wide, mineral marble washbasin, colour: Mocha Texture cross-grain, Mirror cabinet

Lunic Colour variety


WE USE CUTTING EDGE FITTINGS TECHNOLOGY! We can guarantee the movement quality and an absolutely silent shutting of doors and drawers because we use cutting edge fittings technology.


ALWAYS INDEPENDENTLY TESTED BRAND QUALITY! Pelipal is a member of the Deutschen Gütergemeinschaft Möbel e.V.. Strict tests and continuous quality controls ensure that furniture with the RAL-quality seal meet our very high demands.


OVER 100 YEARS OF QUALITY FURNITURE FROM GERMANY! Convincing quality, consistent function and modern design are both the result of 105 years of experience and also the creative flair for tomorrow’s trends.


LED-ILLUMINATION! A thrill of freshness in the morning is ensured in the bathroom by a Pelipal LED-light concept. In the evening it is a relaxing spa zone where you can get away the stress of the day to day - efficient and durable.

Sensor switch

Innovative sensor switch of the newest generation realizes exclusive design in the bathroom completely without moving parts. The results are light switches with fully level surfaces that are simply elegant.

Solitaire - specifications


corpus quality in various colour shades or écors,
material thickness 16 mm

Corpus design Comfort N:
- Fronts with handle
- Drawer case with metal frame and soft-close
- corpus with 1.0 mm edge
- Cover cap for cabinet mounting
- Full metal fast-assembly hinge with integrated damping

Rear panels
The rear panels are inset
so that there is always enough space towards the room wall
to ensure the necessary air circulation.
The full metal fast-assembly hinges can be
opened 107° wide. They are easy to assemble and
allow easy adjusting of the fronts.
The laundry baskets have special scissor hinges, which
lock independently when opened.

Door damper
A progressively functioning door damper, which guarantees a particularly
silent closing of the doors, is built-in to the hinge.
Our furniture is delivered with high quality glass shelves.
The washbasin base cabinets are fitted with a shelf in corpus décor.
Hanging device
We use a three-dimensionally adjustable,
easily installed hanging fitting. It is dowelled into the corpus sides, so that a
constant load of 55 kg per fitting is guaranteed.
The hanging fitting for shelves is not visible, but adjustable.
Cover boards/washbasin counters/crown base
Here we offer you a large range of décors and high quality materials:
- Washbasins made of ceramic from renowned manufacturers
- Washbasins made of mineral marble zero joint cast, with polished surfaces
- Washbasins made of glass
A very rich accessories programme, which
can be integrated in every individually planned bathroom,
meets the most discerning customer wishes.

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