SERIE 3005

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SERIE 3005 is designed with straight lines and pure white lacquer surfaces. It brings nice details and much space for all the accessories or care products also for normal sized or small bathroom.


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There is absolutely no health risk with ceramics because of the natural components such as clay and sand. Extremely hard and wear-resistant, it’s durable and long-lasting, offering an abrasion and scratch-proof surface which is resistant to aggressive clean-ing agents. (Here we offer you a wide range of shapes and sizes from well-known and proven manufacturers)


Everything in one place.


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Several coats of lacquer add the perfect shine to surfaces and highlight the modern design of our bathroom furniture.

SERIE 3005

Front and carcass decor: lacquer white glossy, washbasin cabinet, mirror cabinet incl. LED spotlights, chrome gloss bow handle, installation: stands on polished chrome feet.

SERIE 3005

Front and carcass decor: lacquer white glossy, ceramic washbasin, washbasin vanity unit, mirror cabinet incl. LED top light, chrome gloss bow handle, installation: wall mounted


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SERIE 3005
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Carcass design in various colours and decors, material thickness 16 mm.

Carcass type Basis N/F/E

- Front panels with and without handles
- Korpus with 1,0 mm edge
- Metall hinges for quick assembling

Rear panels

The backs of the bodies are set inward so that enough space remains between them and the wall toallow the necessary circulation of air.


The all-metal quick-assembly hinges can be opened 107°. They are marked by their ease of installation and allow easy adjustment of the front panels. The tilt-out laundry hampers have special shears that lock automatically when opening.

Door damper

A progressive door stopper that ensures silent closing of doors is integrated into the hinge.


Our furniture is fitted with high-quality glass shelves. The washbasin vanity units are fitted with a shelf in carcass colour.

Hanging devices

We use a three-dimensionally adjustable, easily installed hanging fitting. It is pegged into the sides of the body in such a way that each fitting is guaranteed to withstand a constant load. The hanging fitting for shelves is not visible, but is adjustable.


A very rich range of accessories, which can be integrated in every individually planned bathroom, meets even the most discerning customer demands.