Fokus 4030

Original design

Allow us to present the new FOKUS 4030 range with its original design. The asymmetrical washbasin is the eye-catching feature of this modern bathroom. Asymmetrical mirror cabinets and mirrors pick up on the design language and create an unusual overall effect. With four décors and two sizes of washbasin, there is ample scope for personal design preferences.


This offers Fokus 4030


More than 90% of the product range of PELIPAL are is "made in Germany". The Production Sights in Schlangen and Eisenberg are state of the Art.


A very light material for special designs.


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Carcass design in various colours and decors, material thickness 16 mm.



The all-metal quick-assembly hinges can be opened 107°. They are marked by their ease of installation and allow easy adjustment of the front panels. The tilt-out laundry hampers have special shears that lock automatically when opening.

Door damper

A progressive door stopper that ensures silent closing of doors is integrated into the hinge.



Our furniture is fitted with high-quality glass shelves. The washbasin vanity units are fitted with a shelf in carcass colour.

Hanging devices

We use a three-dimensionally adjustable, easily installed hanging fitting. It is pegged into the sides of the body in such a way that each fitting is guaranteed to withstand a constant load. The hanging fitting for shelves is not visible, but is adjustable.