Intelligent storage space makes for a tidy bathroom

There are two demands that the contemporary bathroom has to meet simultaneously. For one, it needs to be functional and very practically aligned to daily routines. At the same time, however, it also needs to double up as a small domestic oasis of relaxation and well-being. This involves keeping things tidy and stowing the many small and large accessories in an accessible but sensible way. Towels, skin care products and hair gel, hairdryer, razors and toilet paper - everything needs its place. This is why bathroom furniture manufacturers like Pelipal are not only focusing on chic designs, but also on smart solutions that are directly geared to the needs of their customers.

In the bathroom, the washbasin is at the centre of all activities. Washing, teeth cleaning, styling - it's here where a lot tends to accumulate. A wide washbasin with matching vanity unit offers generous storage space for toiletries and a hairdryer. For the various small make-up utensils, Pelipal has a beautiful solution in the form of a drawer with a cosmetics insert that keeps everything neat and tidy. For those who prefer a slightly smaller washbasin, a mirror cabinet can help to maximise space - here, too, cosmetics, creams and toothpaste are well stored and always at hand.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, there is a diverse range of cabinets that offer plenty of storage space. Slim tall cabinets are particularly suitable, as they take up little space and at the same time offer ample storage space for numerous items. Their combination of open and closed compartments as well as drawers allow you to store towels and small accessories while at the same time adding decorative jars or accessories to complement the design. Cabinets with an integrated laundry hamper or removable laundry bag are also particularly practical - the dirty laundry remains concealed and close at hand on laundry day.

High mirrored shelves are practical in more ways than one. They allow you to check your entire outfit, while the large mirror surface creates light and depth in the room and the compartments behind it provide additional storage space. The larger versions are also designed as room dividers and create more structure. What's particularly smart is that the room dividers can be accessed separately from both sides.

For those who are still in need of more storage space or who want more space to suit their individual requirements, Pelipal's custom-made PCON solution offers the option of having furniture made to order. With PCON, every personal need can be taken into account and every single corner of the bathroom can be utilised. Whether full-extension laundry pull-outs, substructures for washing machines or washbasins up to 3 metres long - the storage space possibilities are limitless.

Once everything is in its place in each drawer and cupboard, the outcome is a harmonious tidiness that facilitates daily routines and makes spending time in the bathroom a pleasure.