The dream bathroom for design enthusiasts

Expressive, individual and for demanding connoisseurs! Close the bathroom door, take a deep breath and allow this special design moment to wash over you. The SERIES range combines exclusive styling with high functionality, first-class materials and a stylistically confident range of design options. When you then start the day, you feel as if you’ve just returned from a wellness weekend - relaxed, buoyant and full of energy. This is because the bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of calm, luxury, enjoyment of life, health and indulgence. SERIES reflects exactly this trend and offers the perfect for solution for every bathroom.

Bathroom furniture expertise based on 115 years of experience

With this innovative product line, it is especially worth taking a look at the finer details. This is because Pelipal plays on its design strengths combined with its accumulated bathroom expertise. For example, the visually and qualitatively perfect edges of our products are captivating and indicative of high-quality workmanship. Cutting edge technology makes all of this possible. Pelipal also sets standards where fittings are concerned: our innovative fitting technology ensures doors and drawers close quietly and easily, and that front panels fit together with millimetre precision.

Moreover, SERIES opens up limitless new options for designing open spaces - these flexible bathroom furnishings can be combined into a wide range of enticing possibilities. Material, colour, design and style can all be coordinated to your heart’s delight. In various dimensions and for any layout, offering excellent value for money. Alongside more playful features, these furnishings also provide storage space. Generous vanity units and additional units in numerous dimensions and finishes elegantly round off the range. Whether as an open shelf space, with drawers or doors, combined with mirror elements or elegant décors in a range of colours - anything is possible. Numerous possible bathroom combinations can be constructed depending on the size of the room thanks to an extensive range of additional units. This applies for washbasins too. Ceramic, mineral marble, glass or Krion? Make your choice in accordance with your tastes.

The perfect range for designlovers

Our 115 years of expertise with bathroom furniture is evident in every component. This advantage is particularly felt in the innovations and extras, but also in the many useful details and technical highlights, for example ‘LEDmotion’, a smart motion sensor under the washbasin which provides atmospheric lighting and lights up your path in the dark. Even the individually adjustable lighting strips under the washbasin help you find your bearings in the dark and LED Comfort ensures ample illumination in the mirror cabinet. The smart switch and socket outlet module offer added convenience, which provides access to power outside the mirror cabinet for hairdryers and shavers in the immediate vicinity of the washing area. SERIES products can even play music if you so wish - a sound module within the mirror cabinet provides sonorous background music. This luxury extra is easy to control via a smartphone.

With its consistently stylistically confident design language and virtually unrestricted design freedom, the SERIES range is the perfect solution for admirers of striking designs who also want something a little bit special for their apartment. Functionality, contemporary design and exceptional value for money - Pelipal delights with its diverse and tiered ‘Made in Germany’ SERIES ranges and wins over more bathroom enthusiasts every single day.