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When planning a bathroom, it is important to answer fundamental questions at an early stage. How many people will use the new bathroom? Will several family members need to use the bathroom at the same time, e.g. for rush hour? What expectations do those involved have of the bathroom? Determine your priorities. Make a note of possible ideas in the form of a sketch.

Let yourself be inspired!

Which style of furnishing do you prefer? Be creative and discover the possibilities. Flick through and have a rummage in the Products Section. This is where you are guaranteed to find your favourite bathroom furnishings that will meet your expectations.
Tip: If you have slopes, ledges or angled walls in your bathroom and want to make optimal use of the available space, we recommend our PCON range.

Plan it and realise it!

Did you find something interresting? Why not have your Bathroom Furniture Set configured, for example! Plans can now precisely take into account the floor plan and connections of a space. There is nothing to get in the way of your creativity - anything is possible! Allow our business partner’s specially trained sales assistants to advise you.

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You will find our products in all of the leading furniture stores and DIY stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These provide the opportunity to view our bathroom furnishings in the flesh, examine them and touch them.