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Pelipal would like to present its new space-saving wonder, the SERIE 6910. With washing areas in various sizes, there is a modern, intelligent solution to suit any space. In particular, the models with a reduced depth offer new design possibilities, which are even in high demand in the usually confined spaces of old bathrooms. The linear design has an elegant look and can be paired with a wide range of front panel and carcass décors to suit one’s own design preferences, from classic white, through warm Ribbeck oak, to the extravagant Oxide Ferro. High-quality washbasins made of mineral marble, ceramic or Krion add the finishing touches to the ensemble.

This offers SERIES 6910


Well above 90 percent of Pelipal bathroom furniture is made in Germany.
The production facilities in Schlangen and Eisenberg are among the most advanced in the world. Highly qualifi ed staff, well experienced in the trade, are proud of every perfect piece of furniture that is delivered. Our products are therefore highly trusted in retail and by the end customer.


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Our eco-friendly LED lighting is not only flexible, efficient and durable, but also use very little power, contains no substances that are harmful to the health and is available in various designs.


This environmentally friendly material is similar to natural stone and feels soft. This composition gives Krion some unique features, for a good feeling in your bathroom. (Here we offer you a wide range of shapes and sizes from well-known and proven manufacturers)


Mineral marble is made from mineral fillers and an epoxy binder. It has low heat conductivity and thus a high thermal capacity. The material can be poured into different shapes, is resilient and shatter-proof (Here we offer you a wide range of shapes and sizes from well-known and proven manufacturers)


There is absolutely no health risk with ceramics because of the natural components such as clay and sand. Extremely hard and wear-resistant, it’s durable and long-lasting, offering an abrasion and scratch-proof surface which is resistant to aggressive clean-ing agents. (Here we offer you a wide range of shapes and sizes from well-known and proven manufacturers)


With a feel for tradition and new trends



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SERIE 6910

Front and carcass decor: Ribbeck oak horizontal effect, washing area 420 mm width, ceramic washbasin white, functional mirror on carrier plate for 1 top light incl. LED effect lighting

SERIE 6910

Front panel: quartz grey high gloss select, carcass colour: quartz grey high gloss touch, washing area 420 mm width, ceramic washbasin white, functional mirror on carrier plate incl. LEDplus top light, light width 400 mm.

SERIE 6910

front panel: quartz grey matt select, carcass colour: quartz grey matt touch, washing area 1060 mm width, Krion washbasin White matt Left-hand basin, mirror cabinet 3-door incl. LED lighting inside canopy


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Carcass type comfort

  • drawer with metal frame and soft motion technics
  • carcass with 1.0 mm edge
  • protective cap for cabinet suspension bracket
  • All-metal quick-assembly hinge with integrated attenuation

Rear panels

The backs of the bodies are set inward so that enough space remains between them and the wall toallow the necessary circulation of air.


The all-metal quick-assembly hinges can be opened 107°. They are marked by their ease of installation and allow easy adjustment of the front panels. The tilt-out laundry hampers have special shears that lock automatically when opening.


Our furniture is fitted with high-quality glass shelves. The washbasin vanity units are fitted with a shelf in carcass colour.

Hanging devices

We use a three-dimensionally adjustable, easily installed hanging fitting. It is pegged into the sides of the body in such a way that each fitting is guaranteed to withstand a constant load. The hanging fitting for shelves is not visible, but is adjustable.